New: 39% increase in traffic on in 2019

*We use Google more and more to navigate online. Numbers from the search industry show that 66% of all Norwegian web traffic starts on Google. On August 1st last year, Google made a significant change called "broad core algorithm update", which was quickly referred to as "the Medical Update" because it specifically changed the ways in which Google prioritizes websites with health information and health products. Google prioritize pages they believe are "useful" and trustworthy. Google also increasingly favoured longer rather than shorter articles. These new algorithms have contributed to an impressing growth for More specifically, we have had a total increase in average page views of 39% from August 2018 to August 2019. In addition, traffic has continued to grow by 18% compared to September last year.

When doctors are the target group

Doctors in Norway have different work areas - but common to all is that they receive our journal in their mailbox about every 2nd week.  Many doctors refer to the magazine as ”the doctor’s cultural carrier” and read the content with great interest and enthusiasm. The same applies to where we publish all content from the paper edition as well as current news for doctors. The website has provided new ad space that is being used increasingly.

The journal is also active on social media. Our broad media profile means that we have extensive communication with Norwegian doctors in many channels. Which ever channel or platform it is the journal’s quality-assured content that is the core of our business.

The magazine is read mainly by doctors, but also medical students and other health professionals are among the readers. The journal is read with passion and care, because each issue offers the readers information and updates within their fields. Our journal has a unique position in the Norwegian market, and provides an optimal environment for advertising medicines and medical equipment. The paper edition is printed in over 32 000 copies, and has approximately 800 000 page views per month.

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