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Grethe Ånerud, account manager | + 47 62 94 69 04/+ 47 928 36 830 | epost: 

Astrid Olsen, account manager | + 47 62 94 69 75/+ 47 478 29 023 | epost: 

Mona Jørgensrud, salesmanager | + 47 62 94 10 32/+ 47 911 73 473 | epost:

TECHNICAL DATA AND FORMATS uses the following advertisement formats:

FULL WIDTH: 980x120/90/80 px


Mobil: W: 320px H: 90/120px

We rotate five and five ads on each banner position.

The price for a digital ad on are:

Pop-up banner: NOK 31 400
Top banner: NOK 31 400
Bottom banner: NOK 29 200

per month exclusive of VAT.

A discount may be available for prolonged agreement periods. The material can be changed during this period.

Banners on front page
Banners on article:

Popup-banner is a format that animates inn from the bottom of the page/screen when the reader has scrolled about on screen-height down and remains as a layover until the reader has read about one screen-length. The ad is then collapsed. The format gives garanteed exposure-time. On a PC-screen the format is 980x80 px and displays when the reader har come 700 px down the page. It is closed at 1400 px down the page. The mobile formatet is 320x80 px and is displayed when the reader reaches 500 px down the page. It is closed 1200 px down the page.

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