39% increase in traffic on in 2019

When doctors are the target group

Doctors in Norway work in different disciplines and each doctors' lives are therefore very different. What all doctors have in common however, is that they need to be professionally up-to-date and contribute to good health information. In addition, doctors receive their member journal, Tidsskriftet, in the mailbox every other week. Tidsskriftet is often referred to as "the doctor's culture bearer" and the content is read with great interest and optimism. The same applies to where all content from the paper edition is published, among other relevant material for doctors. The web pages are popular ad platforms and the traffic is increasing.

Tidsskriftet is mainly read by doctors and medical students. The content has high medical quality, aimed directly to the target group. Editorial content and concept are unique in the Norwegian market and provide an optimal environment for advertising medicines and medical equipment. The journal is printed in more than 32 000 copies, and has over 800 000 monthly page views on average. A member survey conducted by the Norwegian Medical Association found that over 94% of members read the journal actively -both the paper and online version.


Tidsskriftet is also active on social media, and our articles create great engagement. Our wide media reach gives us an extensive communication with Norwegian doctors. In all our channels, Tidsskriftet’s quality-assured content is the very core of our business.

New: 39% increase in traffic on in 2019

*We use Google more and more to navigate online. Numbers from the search industry show that 66% of all Norwegian web traffic starts on Google. On August 1st last year, Google made a significant change called "broad core algorithm update", which was quickly referred to as "the Medical Update" because it specifically changed the ways in which Google prioritizes websites with health information and health products. Google prioritize pages they believe are "useful" and trustworthy. Google also increasingly favoured longer rather than shorter articles. These new algorithms have contributed to an impressing growth for More specifically, we have had a total increase in average page views of 39% from August 2018 to August 2019. In addition, traffic has continued to grow by 18% compared to September last year.

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