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Terms & Conditions

By entering into an agreement to purchase advertising space in Tidsskriftet, the advertiser confirms to have accepted the following terms: It is the advertisor’s responsibility that the content complies with current regulations. For drug advertisements, the text must be in line with SPC.

Advertising material must be clearly distinguished from editorial content, cf. Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press, paragraph 2.6. "Never undermine the clear distinction between editorial copy and advertisements. It must be obvious to the public what is deemed to be commercial content. The distinction must be obvious also when using web links and other connective means."

To ensure this distinction, the following rules apply to both online and paper ads:

  • Most of the ad should have a clear, colored background.

  • It is not permissible to use fonts of a size that are reminiscent of the editorial content of the Journal.

  • Ad-banners must have a clear logo of the company or organisation behind the campaign.

The advertisement content is reviewed by Tidsskriftet before publishing. Tidsskriftet reserves the right to reject advertisements, for example based on health related grounds. 

We reserve the right to in some cases move or remove ads without warning if the ad is too closely related to an editorial topic. We have procedures to avoid such cases, but situations may occur in which changes will be necessary. We do this to protect our reputation as an independent scientific journal.


In such cases, the advertiser will not be billed and we will offer compensation for lost/changed ad space. The compensation is determined on a case-by-case basis.


Allow for a minimum of two working days before publication.
We assume that our advertisers relate to Norwegian law and have read and abide by our data policy.  



We recommend that online advertisements that promote prescription drugs at be marked with a text saying ”For helsepersonell”, as follows:

  • Use a 13 pt font for both desktop- and mobile versions.

  • Use black or white text and a commonly used font, e.g. Verdana or Georgia.

  • Do not use italicised or condensed fonts, as this hinders legibility.

  • The text must be placed against a background that provides a strong colour contrast and distinguishes the content from the remainder of the advertisement.

  • The marking must be placed at the top of the advertisement, preferably in the top right corner.



For helsepersonell.jpg

The ad can contain the name of preparation or logo or substance and company name (logo), ref. Rules for banner ads. The ad can be linked to the SPC/shared directory text accompanying the product, or the advertiser’s own website. We expect that the advertiser is familiar with the regulations governing advertising of drugs on the Internet and our datapolicy

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