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By signing an agreement to purchase an ad space on the, the website of Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening, the advertiser confirms that the following conditions have been accepted:

It is the advertiser’s responsibility that advertising material complies with the applicable regulations, including rules for marketing pharmaceuticals. Advertising material must be submitted to Tidsskriftet before publication for review. Tidsskriftet reserves the right to reject advertising material on a health-related basis.

We wish that all promotional material will be sent to our advertising partner HS Media and posted by them under Tidsskriftets Google Ad Manager account. It is allowed to display ads from another Ad Manager account or other advertising system, as long as the ad material is not changed after Tidsskriftet has approved it or during the advertising period.

The ads can be delivered in JPG, PNG or HTML5 format. Video and audio playback in the ads are not allowed. Animation is allowed, but the magazine reserves the right to reject ads with, for example, high animation temp, which gives a highly disturbing visual effect.

The loaded content for a 980px wide ad can not exceed 100 Kb and a 320px wide ad can not exceed 50Kb.



The purpose of Tidsskriftets data policy towards advertisers is to regulate the collection and use of data on This policy applies to all parties involved in the sale and delivery of ads on, including advertisers, sales agencies, DMPs, advertisers, and any other third party who uses or provides data for displaying ads.

  • Data generated, collected and saved for displaying ads on can only be used to measure and control the appropriate ad campaign or campaign of the same advertiser. Advertisers can not set their own cookies or use other tracking techniques

  • It is not permitted to collect or process personal data or data that may be treated as personal data by processing through Tidsskriftet. Personal information means information and assessments that can be linked to an individual, including IP addresses. This applies even if the user has been asked and accepted the collection, use, or storage through GDPR dialogs on the advertiser’s website.

  • There is no reason to use data collected through advertising on for targeting or retargeting visitors to other sites or services.

  • It is not allowed to sell or transfer data collected on to any third part, including advertisers and DMPs.

  • When purchasing advertising on, the advertiser/customer assumes responsibility on his own behalf and responsibility for the affiliates, partners, customers and/or service providers to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Advertising Materials.

  • Violation of these terms and conditions implies a significant breach of the advertiser/agency advisory agreement and tidsskriftet. In case of such a breach of contract, Tidsskirftet/Legeforeningen has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and to claim compensation. Such compensation is limited to the allowance paid for the relevant advertising agreement/promotion.

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