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How to create better ad-banners

Advice on graphics
Use available space

• Many create the mobile ad-banner first because this is where there is the least space. When creating the desktop ad-banner, make ure to make use of the better space you have.

• Enlarge and spread the text and graphic elements. This makes texts easier to read and the advertisement easier to understand.

bruk plassen - bedre ann_.jpg
Check text-contrast

Pay attention to the text contrast
• Ensure high contrast – that color difference between the text and the background so that it is easy to read the text.

• High contrast is particularly important with smaller text sizes. There are actually requirements for so-called "universal design". In doubt? Check with

Example: White text on a light blue background is not so easy to read.

uskarp og kontrast.jpg
Avoid enlarging graphic elements

• If you enlarge graphic elements, they become blurry and text becomes difficult to read

• Shrinking larger graphic elements down works fine.

Remove none-needed elements

• Many ads display product registration. These are not necessary in Norway and on mobile ad-banners often become to small to read. Use the limited space you have to focus attention on the message.


• To be able to edit the finished ad, you need the original files, problably created in Photoshop.

The Photoshop-files are made up of layers with the different elements and you can edit text and switch and scale graphics.

• Make sure to ask for logos and other elements in separate files that can be scaled down to your needs. This will ensure you can create nice, crispy ads.


• You can create two types of ads: Static og animated. If you create animated ads in GIF eller HTML-format, you can display longer texts and perhaps several graphic elements. 

• If you create animated ads, Tidsskriftet kindly asks you to refrain from adding blinking effects 

Advice on texts
Be as specific as possible

• The fight for the readers time and attention is fierce 

• Be specific about what the reader will get if they click on the ad-banner

• «News about X » is vague. What is the improvement/best feature of your product? Can say «Speedier treatment» eller «New: Only one capsule a day for treatment of X»

• Add a so-called «call to action» on a button or link saying "Read more here", Click her to participate, read more here...

• Translate texts in the ad to Nowegian

Two types of ads

• For ads marketing specific pharmaceuticals Norwegian laws only permit a display of product name, the active ingredient and the logo of the producer.
• The other type of ad displays information about studies, webinars and webportals covering specific medical problems and treatments. 

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